Digitoro has the ability to understand the online opportunity for your business through appropriate audits, investigation and evaluation. By comprehending the digital potential, We will document and implement digital activities that ensure your business goals are aligned with customer expectations for the most appropiate digital strategy.  
Digitoro Consulting focuses on the changes associated with the application of digital technology for an “effective digital transformation program”. We will ensure a strategy that addresses “The What:” the intensity of digital initiatives within an organisation and the “The How“:the ability of a business to master transformational change to deliver business results.
It’s all in the utilisation of analytics and conversion metrics to ensure measurement, optimisation and data lead decision making. We will establish the best ongoing user experience to retain and grow customers, harnessing the power of digital to evolve your business beyond the constrains of existing business practices. Your can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be sustainable. 

Dominic Byrne Digital Strategy

The modern consumer wants consistent, comprehensive, cross-channel customer engagement of unified ubiquitous, connected and synchronised experiences

Good digital strategy and marketing is continually evolving, you need a multi-platform discipline, all deployed with a clear, overarching ROI in mind.

Digitoro Consulting is quick to understand what a business needs. We can transform your organisation with the right balance of digital strategy, marketing, project management and execution putting the right platforms and roadmap in place to ensure you remain sustainable and evolve through disruption and change. With decades of digital experience across the team, the congruent focus is to help business
realign technology to more effectively engage digital consumers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle. The way today’s consumers use screens and what they expect to accomplish does not mirror traditional customers of the past; their values are shifting. With transformation, marketing and strategy skills, Digitoro Consulting advises to the contemporary funnel model.

Drive corporate change through the creative use of cutting-edge technology solutions in real-world applications. Dominic and his team have a passion for commercially aware, analytics-led decision making that results in technology and media savvy outcomes.
Identifying opportunities for businesses to refine their existing operations and to open up new revenue streams through the measured application of appropriate technologies. Whether this involves generating growth by adopting new technologies and platforms or is the result of converting and streamlining traditional analogue processes through a transition to digital systems, Digitoro Consulting is always focused on the tangible results.
We believe in dynamically transforming the culture of business through visionary leadership, educating, guiding and informing executives and all business employees, to identify and execute on the Digital projects that will set them up for success.
Digitoro Consulting promises to work in the best interest of the business it is advising, focusing on only the key digital strategies  with outputs that are inline with your organisations goals and objectives. Our goals are your goals.

Dominic Byrne | Digital Strategy, 

It’s time to act and commit to a digital roadmap

  • For a lift in customer engagement and improved customer satisfaction
  • For Greater digital traffic and increased lead generation and sales
  • For internal business automation and improved efficiency
  • For a new business strategy and a culture of change and innovation
  • For data lead decision-making and new revenue streams; and
  • To remain sustainable through digital change and disruption

Digital Stratgey

There is no path to purchase now, so the opportunity for digital is
with the efficiency of the customer.

Online allows business to engage with its customers, provide them with simple and relevant functional information to help them shop better!

Digitoro laid a foundation for the broadening of Tyres4U’s positioning and long-term sustainability of the business, identifying opportunities to refine existing operations and open up new revenue streams.
Leslie DeCelis, CEO of Tyres4U
Digitoro exhaustively researched all aspects of the target market and was always ready with detailed analysis to support and inform the rollout sales and marketing plan. At all times Digitoro ensured that the business’ activities were always underpinned by a comprehensive digital dimension.
Phaedon Vass, Former CEO, Red Apple Education
Digitoro came up with an innovative solution to identify the productivity impact of knowledge impediments in contact centres. The university white paper and its findings have proven valuable in determining an accurate ROI for implementation. Shortening the sales process and providing an additional revenue stream.
Matthew Dixon, Managing Director Ricoh

Digital understanding, digital transformation, digital strategy, digital marketing and digital evolution!

If you are not proactive in this space, you are simply losing marketshare....